Our Speakers

Here is our amazing line up of

International Speakers at

the London 2019 PSA Conference…

Our Hostess…


Tonya Hofmann: CEO & Founder of the Public Speakers Association, Host of the Tonya Hofmann’s Fabulous TV Show & Coffee Shop TV, Cover of 5 Magazines, 7 International Award Winning Books, Global Speaker

Build the “Right” Community for Massive Momentum!

Success is achieved when you filter out those who don’t fit and filter easily in a community that not only is a perfect target market but that achieves your community involvement goals!  Tonya walks you through exact steps to build content that achieves both goals for your client and your business.

  • Utilizing “Community” to Grow Your Business
  • Building the Rules Factor
  • Filtering in and out
  • Create momentum with Personality Filtering
  • Develop an Attract Mode vs an Attack Mode

Don’t miss the opportunity to find out how to connect beyond the “gate keeper”, build partnerships that moves your company forward rapidly and cause massive growth without the “Ooops, I’m suddenly in with the Wrong Crowd” syndrome!



Our Amazing 3 Emcees this year are…


Amber Griffiths: Your Brand by Design. She works with entrepreneurs to Create their RockStar Brand and dramatically increase their joy and their profits in business!

“Create your RockStar Brand”

Learn how to Create your RockStar Brand and increase joy and profits in your business. This is all about getting crystal clear about who you are, what you offer and who you serve. Learn to say YES! to 100% of your Vision! Start with the strategy – Claim your Voice, Connect with your Fans, and Compose your Brand Soundtrack™.



Joann Ajayi Scott: President and Founder of Essence of a Lady, Incorporated & Females are Fabulous Conference



Pat Duckworth: Pat Duckworth is a midlife mentor, author, international public speaker and a regular guest on radio and podcasts in the UK, America and Canada



Our Invited Experts this year are…


Karin Olson: Karin Olson is an award-winning attorney turned entrepreneur who shows her clients how to super-charge their visibility, authority and connection while boosting their bottom line.

“How To Create Connection and Cash Flow Through Story”

Many speakers know that story is key to their business. It can build connection and boost sales. Yet too often, story is not effectively used – even by those sharing stories from stage. It is noticeably missing or under-utilized in content, workshops, courses, lead magnets, sales letters, testimonials or even from stage. Discover how to grab the exact right life story components and weave them into a leveraged marketing tool that not only changes onlookers into raving fans but has the power to boost bottom lines.



Elliot Kay:  Elliot knows how to stretch speakers. Speaking is a big part of marketing strategy and he loves showing entrepreneurs how to add it to theirs.

“Monetise Your Business Through Public Speaking”

Public speaking can be one of the fastest ways to grow your business, yet most business owners don’t do it justice or shy away from it completely. In this talk Elliot will share with you the 6 key ingredients to gain more sales, have more impact in your industry and grow your business. Elliot from Speaker Express has worked with countless MD’s, Ceo’s and Entrepreneurs to incorporate public speaking into their business as a growth strategy.



Ann Bennett:Ann Bennett of Renegade Branding, a Speaker, Author, and Brand Profit Builder helps entrepreneurs build their STAND OUT personal brands and boost their bottom line.

“Brand Brilliantly, Market like Madonna & Profit like a Rock Star”

Experience the power of liberating your Rebel Spirit
with conscious Branding Expert and mentor Ann Bennett.

Ann will teach you exactly how you can express your authentic self,
creating a brand that captures you at your core so you can STAND OUT
and build a purpose-driven business.

In order to do your Big Work, you have to distinguish yourself from all the marketing noise of one billion websites.
It’s not enough to be great or even different. You have to be YOU!



Jason Antalek: Jason Antalek is a Spiritual Teacher and International Speaker.  He works with Spiritually Conscious Entrepreneurs focusing on how their personal energy intertwines with their businesses.

“Your Energies and Your Business”

As spiritually conscious entrepreneurs we are bringing our personal energies through our businesses and out to the world.  Who we are does not always match what we do.  When we are authentic in our lives that translates to our businesses.  Find out how your alignment is effecting your personal and business energies.


Dr. Kim Metcalfe: Dr. Kim’s — a passionate, driven, tenacious, smart, savvy, and innovative thinker who wants to change the way we work with “at risk” youth.

“Building Resilience In “At Risk” Youth”

Strategy to support youth in exploring, discovering, choosing, and using your chosen virtues (Values & Beliefs) to make everyday decisions so you know who you are and like who you are– this is the formula for achieving Identity. The primary crisis/challenge of adolescence, many young people today are at risk for identity formation…which leads them into sabotaging their life goals and dreams.



Joyce Blue:  Money relationship expert, Joyce Blue is passionate about empowering others to master their relationship with money, so they can fall in love with their lives.

“3 Refreshing Ways to Ditch the ‘Too Much Month Left At The End Of The Money’ Struggle… Starting Right Now!”

In this presentation you will…
Discover limiting beliefs that may have been hiding in plain sight for years…
Reveal how to quickly and easily disrupt old ways of thinking to make way for more empowering beliefs that pave the way to better results…
Resolve to take inspired action to change your fate starting right NOW!



Dr. Annika Sorensen: Dr Annika Sörensen, MD, Stress strategist, Author, International Speaker, Mentor, Seminar Leader. Helping Business Leaders feel less stress, get more done and create bigger success!

“How to take stress from chaos to calm”

Stress is the most common cause for sick leave today. Everyone knows but nobody does anything because the problem is seemingly so large. “If we don’t tell, no one will notice” they´ll say. And we are talking about mental stuff. Who wants to be connected with mental stuff? A real no-no in the tough business world.
Dr Annika has found an answer to this challenge. Stress is part of life. Taking things down to earth makes it both fun and easy to tackle, piece by piece, defeating the stress. When you know how – and Dr Annika will show you!



Carmen Buck: Carmen works magic with images for those of us who want to stand out in the world.  She is a consultant, photographer, and author.  

Carmen is our official photographer for the event.  She will be taking Personality Photos for your Speaking Career New Look and also can create a sizzle reel as well!  Take advantage of her amazing conference show special!  Tonya uses her for all of her photos!  Email her at 

“The World Needs Your Story. How Will it Look?”

You’ve got a story to share with the world, and you want to stand out in the crowd. In this presentation, you will hear and most importantly, see how to harness the power of images to impact the world in amazing ways. Your website, social media and marketing materials are just waiting to tell your unique and special story. Let’s get started!



More Speakers coming soon!  How about YOU?