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Here is our amazing line up of

International Speakers at

the London 2019 PSA Conference…

Our Hostess…


Tonya Hofmann: CEO & Founder of the Public Speakers Association, Host of the Tonya Hofmann’s Fabulous TV Show & Coffee Shop TV, Cover of 5 Magazines, 7 International Award Winning Books, Global Speaker

Build the “Right” Community for Massive Momentum!

Success is achieved when you filter out those who don’t fit and filter easily in a community that not only is a perfect target market but that achieves your community involvement goals!  Tonya walks you through exact steps to build content that achieves both goals for your client and your business.

  • Utilizing “Community” to Grow Your Business
  • Building the Rules Factor
  • Filtering in and out
  • Create momentum with Personality Filtering
  • Develop an Attract Mode vs an Attack Mode

Don’t miss the opportunity to find out how to connect beyond the “gate keeper”, build partnerships that moves your company forward rapidly and cause massive growth without the “Ooops, I’m suddenly in with the Wrong Crowd” syndrome!


Our Amazing 3 Emcees this year are…

Amber Griffiths: Your Brand by Design. She works with entrepreneurs to Create their RockStar Brand and dramatically increase their joy and their profits in business!

“Create your RockStar Brand”

Learn how to Create your RockStar Brand and increase joy and profits in your business. This is all about getting crystal clear about who you are, what you offer and who you serve. Learn to say YES! to 100% of your Vision! Start with the strategy – Claim your Voice, Connect with your Fans, and Compose your Brand Soundtrack™.


Joann Ajayi Scott:Dr. JoAnn Ajayi-Scott, PhD, globally known as the “triple E”-award-winning educator, iconic entrepreneur, and national empowerment speaker/emcee whose helped 100’s of women LEVERAGE their businesses.

“Become LEGENDARY: Leave a Legacy as a FABULOUS Female!”

3 Steps to Becoming Legendary and Leaving a LEGACY!
1. Educate: People on Who You Are and Why Your Mission is Important
2. Mentor: Provide people Guidance, Nonjudgmental Support, and a Loving Environment
3. Empower: Give Your Audience, Team, Family and Friends Tools, Resources and Opportunities to Learn, Grow, and Prosper From Your Knowledge, Experience, and Expertise
By following these three steps, you can LEVERAGE your business, nonprofit, and LIFE!!


Pat Duckworth: Pat Duckworth is a midlife mentor, author, international public speaker and a regular guest on radio and podcasts in the UK, America and Canada


Our Invited Experts this year are…

Karin Olson: Karin Olson is an award-winning attorney turned entrepreneur who shows her clients how to super-charge their visibility, authority and connection while boosting their bottom line.

“How To Create Connection and Cash Flow Through Story”

Many speakers know that story is key to their business. It can build connection and boost sales. Yet too often, story is not effectively used – even by those sharing stories from stage. It is noticeably missing or under-utilized in content, workshops, courses, lead magnets, sales letters, testimonials or even from stage. Discover how to grab the exact right life story components and weave them into a leveraged marketing tool that not only changes onlookers into raving fans but has the power to boost bottom lines.


Simone Vincenzi: Multi-award winning serial entrepreneur, author and speaker who has helped to launch more than 500 businesses before the age of 30.

“How to sell from the stage effectively without any hard selling or being a manipulative douchebag”

You can make great money from the stage without selling like a manipulative douchebag.
During this presentation you will learn:
– Discover how to triple your income instantly by becoming a “selling-from-stage-machine” without being a manipulative douchebag.
– Learn how to avoid the 5 costly mistakes that keep 90% of speakers still living with their parents.
– The one thing that will get people to buy your programs even if they did not know you before.


Elliot Kay:  Elliot knows how to stretch speakers. Speaking is a big part of marketing strategy and he loves showing entrepreneurs how to add it to theirs.

“Monetise Your Business Through Public Speaking”

Public speaking can be one of the fastest ways to grow your business, yet most business owners don’t do it justice or shy away from it completely. In this talk Elliot will share with you the 6 key ingredients to gain more sales, have more impact in your industry and grow your business. Elliot from Speaker Express has worked with countless MD’s, Ceo’s and Entrepreneurs to incorporate public speaking into their business as a growth strategy.


Ann Bennett:Ann Bennett of Renegade Branding, a Speaker, Author, and Brand Profit Builder helps entrepreneurs build their STAND OUT personal brands and boost their bottom line.

“Brand Brilliantly, Market like Madonna & Profit like a Rock Star”

Experience the power of liberating your Rebel Spirit
with conscious Branding Expert and mentor Ann Bennett.

Ann will teach you exactly how you can express your authentic self,
creating a brand that captures you at your core so you can STAND OUT
and build a purpose-driven business.

In order to do your Big Work, you have to distinguish yourself from all the marketing noise of one billion websites.
It’s not enough to be great or even different. You have to be YOU!


Karen Perkins:  Dr. Karen Perkins, is the International Expert other Experts turn to for Coaching in; Change Management, Human Behavior, Internal/External Success, Communications, Negotiations and more…

“Living First Class – Take Control of Your Destiny”

Presentation will uncover individuals core values, review mindset and mind-shifts and go over communications/negotiation skills for success


Elizabeth Bachman: International speaker and opera director, Elizabeth Bachman is THE go-to person for advanced level training in Speaking, Presentation Skills, Sales and Leadership.

“Three Big Presenting Mistakes that Cost You Sales (and What to Do about Them)”

Are you ready to…
• Leverage your time by presenting to rooms full of prospects?
• Maximize your Impact and Attract your Ideal Clients?
• Master a Signature Speech that Sells?
Elizabeth shows how to make your talk compelling, and how to deliver it in the most effective way so that you move your listeners to BUY!


Des O’Connor: UK’s No.1 Creator of Women in Business Leaders Worldwide – Inspiring them to Lead and Empowering them to Speak on Stage

How to Decide What To Work On First To Be Successful!

Des will show you how to discover what is most important in your business that you MUST focus on in order to maximise your expertise and talent as we all try to do so much simultaneously and not achieve the best results as we need clarity.
You will discover how to:
Become a recognised business expert or authority!
Build a compelling, valuable business based on your existing skills and expertise
Earn money by selling digital products online
Build an audience as a business expert
Get speaking opportunities in the UK and internationally And much more!


Frances Pitt: Inspirational Speaker & Life Coach, CEO of Frances Pitt Speaks, LLC, Professor

“The Greatness I am Seeking Is Also Seeking Me”

Is a practice and belief system that demonstrates 5 principles of manifestation.  One of the key ingredients of this practice is the value of staying in the present moment in order t step into and tap this consciousness of greatness.  As one creates the desires of the heart in the areas of goals, careers, relationships, wealth, and spirituality, the Universe is busy sending them to us.  Huge Careers are created through this practice!


Jason Antalek: Jason Antalek is a Spiritual Teacher and International Speaker.  He works with Spiritually Conscious Entrepreneurs focusing on how their personal energy intertwines with their businesses.

“Your Energies and Your Business”

As spiritually conscious entrepreneurs we are bringing our personal energies through our businesses and out to the world.  Who we are does not always match what we do.  When we are authentic in our lives that translates to our businesses.  Find out how your alignment is effecting your personal and business energies.

Joyce Blue:  Money relationship expert, Joyce Blue is passionate about empowering others to master their relationship with money, so they can fall in love with their lives.

“3 Refreshing Ways to Ditch the ‘Too Much Month Left At The End Of The Money’ Struggle… Starting Right Now!”

In this presentation you will…
Discover limiting beliefs that may have been hiding in plain sight for years…
Reveal how to quickly and easily disrupt old ways of thinking to make way for more empowering beliefs that pave the way to better results…
Resolve to take inspired action to change your fate starting right NOW!


Rita Flores Moore: Rita Flores Moore is an engaging, Inspirational Speaker. Her presentations blend enthusiasm and powerful, life changing, motivational messages which empower individuals to achieve more.

“Vogue Outside, Vague Inside” 

Vogue on the outside, Vague on the inside will discuss the need for support in all areas of your life. We can look like everything is OK, but internally we are suffering, unhappy, lonely, and in pain. This presentation will enhance our quality of thought.  I will discuss how we must take responsibility to examine and improve our lives, focus on our future, and get the motivation to pursue our passion and dreams.
The discussion will include how to control your thoughts, analyze what is important, and overcome internal obstacles to your success and well being.

Holly Porter: Holly Porter is an international Influencer, trailblazer, and innovative entrepreneur and philanthropist. She is a 8x #1 Best Selling Author and 9 startup companies.

“Close The Gap to Prosperity”

Marcia Bench: Best-selling author, professional speaker, coach, founder of Conscious Experts Academy and the author of 26 books including Conscious Client Attraction and the Founder of the Conscious Experts Association

“Scale Your Speaking with Soul: How to Create Your Transformational Empire from One Talk”

Getting a speaking gig is just the beginning of your opportunity to impact others – and many speakers miss out on the opportunity to build a “back end offer” to their speaking.  With our Scale with Soul model, you will discover how to not only design additional opportunities for those to whom you speak to work with you – but to raise your fees to premium levels, and get them!



Carmen Buck: Carmen works magic with images for those of us who want to stand out in the world.  She is a consultant, photographer, and author.  

Carmen is our official photographer for the event.  She will be taking Personality Photos for your Speaking Career New Look and also can create a sizzle reel as well!  Take advantage of her amazing conference show special!  Tonya uses her for all of her photos!  Email her at 

“The World Needs Your Story. How Will it Look?”

You’ve got a story to share with the world, and you want to stand out in the crowd. In this presentation, you will hear and most importantly, see how to harness the power of images to impact the world in amazing ways. Your website, social media and marketing materials are just waiting to tell your unique and special story. Let’s get started!


Keri Evans: Professional wardrobe stylist, winner of International Stylist Rookie of the year, co-creator of CBH International, Owner of Buon Viaggio Italy Travel

“Got Stage Appeal?”

Dressing for Confidence & Credibility… What do your clothes say before you open your mouth?  The way you dress on stage can increase your credibility, stage power and presence.  Tips and tricks for looking your best.


Terica Wright:  Terica is a multi-passionate professional with over 20 years experience in Corporate Training and Leadership, including multiple Fortune 500 companies.  She is a Best Selling Author, Professional Speaker and a master at empowering others to be a greater version of themselves through her Transformation Life & Mindset Coaching.

“WOW them NOW: How to show up powerfully on stage and connect deeply with your audience”

Whether you’re brand new or a seasoned pro speaking on stage, delivering sales pitches, booking speaking engagements or working one-on-one with your clients, your visual elements must enrich your overall presentation.
Terica will share the five vital components you need to maximize your impact and connection with your audience.


Sharon Callix: Multi Award Winning Social media expert and International Speaker. Accredited and endorsed by one of the leading professional organisations in the UK.

“How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile with NO COST and get targeted leads”

Sharon will demonstrate the most effective and fastest way to get top quality leads.
You will discover how to:
* Have a compelling profile anda make sure it stays at ALL STARS
* Utilise the latest tools to get email addresses to contact clients
* How To Blog in minutes
* How To follow and apply the correct Hashtags
* How To use the settings and keep your account secure
* How To personalise your LinkedIn profile
* How To appear in more searches
* Tools to use for your profile
* Slideshare
* Much more


Kelly Tyler: Kelly supports speakers, authors & coaches to market their purpose, position themselves & increase their income through her agency Stellar Speakers & consultancy Speaker INsight.

“How To Stand Out As A Speaker”

In an industry where ‘anybody’ can become a speaker, how can you ensure you stand out in the crowd, build a connection with your audience & make an impact with your message?

As a speaker agent & marketing consultant for speakers, Kelly will give you practical advice on how to position yourself & become memorable in a crowded market space.

Margaret Robling, M.D.: Dr. Margaret Robling leverages her background as a psychiatrist to help us shift behaviors and mindsets for more youthful aging.

“Live Young”

We all age … but how you age makes all the difference.  Dr. Margaret Robling shows motivated people how to shift their mindset and see aging from a whole new light.  Making easy to understand references to medical research and behavioral studies, Dr. Robling uses her background as a psychiatrist to highlight what’s key to help us shift behaviors and mindsets so we can age more youthfully … and with more fun and intention.


Sarah Ross: Award Winning Speaker and International Bestselling Author. Through “Your Reason to Breathe” Sarah helps entrepreneurs and corporate executives Reset, Recharge and Thrive after burnout.

“10 Pairs of Socks: Leadership lessons that a Vietnamese orphan taught me”

Ever wondered where you can get the best leadership lessons? Assumed the answer had to be at a college, or business school? What if the lessons were in places you could never imagine whilst also doing something to help others. Different isn’t bad, it’s a very powerful teacher!


Angela Maria Gower-Johnson: Angela is the owner and founder of Ultimate Dream Project and gets people living their dreams.

“What is an Optimal Flowstate and how to get there”

Optimal Flowstate is literally being in the zone.  Have you ever felt calm, happy, confident and free of distracting internal dialogue?  What if you added to that you knew where you were being pulled to and you were doing the right thing… Angela will show you how to get into YOUR Optimal Flowstate.

Tamia Dow: An International Award Winning Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Coach. Her goal in life is to help people live their ideal life.

“Use Your Story”

Tamia will be sharing with the audience how to identify their personal story of victory, how to craft their life lesson (s) and how to share it with the world through writing their book.


Prash Chauhan: Prash is a dating advisor helping men find that special someone by being their authentic self and not using dodgy pick up lines.

“Unleash Your True Charm”

You will learn how to effectively begin a conversation, overcome that fear of rejection and teach ways of how to have conversation that create impact and leave a solid positive impression.

Douglas Vermeeren: Douglas Vermeeren conducted first-hand research into the world’s top achievers. ABC, FOX Business refer to him as the modern-day Napoleon Hill.

“Lessons from an 8 figure speaker”

Learn how to grow your speaking and coaching business to high levels.  Some of the things we may discuss include Joint ventures with some of the worlds’ top speakers, big publishing deals, working with high level media and most importantly what content you really should be sharing to position yourself as an expert.