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Tonya Hofmann: CEO & Founder of the Public Speakers Association, Host of the Tonya Hofmann’s Fabulous TV Show & Coffee Shop TV, Cover of 5 Magazines, 7 International Award Winning Books, Global Speaker

Build the “Right” Community for Massive Momentum!

Success is achieved when you filter out those who don’t fit and filter easily in a community that not only is a perfect target market but that achieves your community involvement goals!  Tonya walks you through exact steps to build content that achieves both goals for your client and your business.

  • Utilizing “Community” to Grow Your Business
  • Building the Rules Factor
  • Filtering in and out
  • Create momentum with Personality Filtering
  • Develop an Attract Mode vs an Attack Mode

Don’t miss the opportunity to find out how to connect beyond the “gate keeper”, build partnerships that moves your company forward rapidly and cause massive growth without the “Ooops, I’m suddenly in with the Wrong Crowd” syndrome!



Our Amazing 3 Emcees this year are…

Toni Harris Taylor: Speaker, Coach & Author will teach you how to speak more to sell more to create your dream business.

Speak More to Sell More

Learn why using your voice to showcase your expertise increases your credibility and generates more leads than cold calling ever could. But speaking is not just speaking. There is a special formula to creating the right talk that touches, moves and inspires an audience to want more of you. In this workshop, you will learn:

  • Why speaking is the best marketing tool ever!
  • The signature talk success formula that move your audience to action
  • How to get more speaking gigs
  • How to create follow up strategies that lead to more sales



Ann Bennett:  International Speaker, Best Selling Author, and Brand Profit Builder. She helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs create STAND OUT brands that are profitable.

Brand Brilliantly, Market like Madonna & Profit like a Rock Star!

Experience the power of liberating your Rebel Spirit with conscious Branding Expert and mentor Ann Bennett.

Ann will show you exactly how you can express your authentic self,
creating a brand that captures you at your core so you can STAND OUT
and build a purpose-driven business.

In order to do your Big Work, you have to distinguish yourself from all the marketing noise of one billion websites. It’s not enough to be great or even different. You have to be YOU!



Alicia White: Speaker and Visual Branding Strategist Alicia White elevates you to the stage with strategies and tools for successful speaking. You’ll love what she can do!

The 3 Cs of Branding to Get You Noticed

Speakers, Coaches, Consultants and Business Owners learn
how to stand out in the sea of noise and get their message
heard. Attendees learn about these three important branding
strategies and how to implement them in business:
• Clarity on who you serve
• Consistency in marketing
• Concise messaging



Our Invited Experts this year are…

Robert C Stern: Robert is a Social Media Strategist and the founder of The Social Leader.Teaching & Coaching companies all over the world.

I want to do Live Streaming & Video, But have no idea what to talk about

We all want to do Live Streaming and Video on Social Media
But the one question that always comes up: What do I talk about?
Here are 22 Ideas for Live Streaming and Video Content and why you should be doing this NOW!



Tony Wilkins: One of the premiere authorities on connecting people of influence to one another by developing long term reciprocal relationships.

Influential Networking and Selling

Typically when I attend a networking meeting I get people that want to meet for coffee to tell me why they’d make a good guest on my radio show. But once I booked them on the show I never heard from them again. That’s when I realized there was a better way to network. I start every conversation by asking 2 questions. What do you need and how can I help? Asking these 2 questions and developing my Influential Networking system has helped build my circle of influence and my business exponentially.



Linda Pringle Evans: Linda Pringle Evans is the founder and president of Pringle Business Consulting, LLC. She’s a consultant helping entrepreneurs and business owners  become branded with distinction.

Discover Secrets to Command the Room

It’s time to learn the importance of being perceived as a leader to command the room. During this presentation Linda will share secrets how your personal brand can command the room and captivate your audience.



Rosemarie Barnes: International Speaker, International Best-Selling Author, Executive Presentation Trainer, is dedicated to bridging the generation gaps in business and championing presentation excellence.

Engage your audiences with vocal finesse and seamless interactions

Have you ever heard a speaker whose expressionless voice and staid pacing combine to create the
miracle cure for insomnia?
How about a speaker trying to deliver an interactive and experiential opportunity, but whose room
control skills leave the audience confused and wondering why they came?
What do these two situations have in common?
They are two of the most ignored aspects of presentations, and the two that can most quickly move a
speaker from good to excellent.
Learn how to access and control the 3 areas of vocal resonance, and understand the power of pacing,
pauses, and silence. Become aware of the rules of audience control and learn how to provide clear
instructions to participants so they can most fully engage in the experiential and collaborative learning
opportunities you provide.
Participants will come away with solid techniques and tips to Speak to Engage, Speak to Succeed that
will benefit both the speaker and their audiences.



Bishop Stewart: CEO of Multiple Successful Companies

How To Maximize Your Engagement and Revenue As a Speaker

The Key To Any Business is having a complete product supply chain to maximize your results, profits and transformation for your target market.  An In-Depth look into how to turbo-charge your revenue by creating multiple streams of income while building your speaking career/brand.



Carmen Buck: Author, speaker, and photographer capturing love, light and compassion in every situation. Specialties: business portraits and multi-generational families.

How to Use Images to Grow Your Business by Telling Stories that Inspire

Tell Stories that Inspire and Grow Your Business

The top 5 Things You Need to Know
1. The world needs your story- Inspire!

2. Tell the right story-What do you want your ideal client to ‘feel’ when they think of you and your business?

3. Get real- Attract the clients you want to work with.

4. Image, emotions and you- Give them something they don’t expect, they didn’t know they wanted in an honest and clear way.

5. Pull it all together- Your first 3 steps

Book a Session with Carmen while you are at the conference!

Carmen is our official photographer for the event.  She will be taking Personality Photos for your Speaking Career New Look and also can create a sizzle reel as well!  Take advantage of her amazing conference show special!  Tonya uses her for all of her photos.  Email her at 



Dane Short: Dane Short is a social entrepreneur and CEO of Zymbol Inspirational Jewelry

A Cool Idea to Engage Your Audience!

Dane will be showcasing an interactive approach to include your audience in an experience that will leave them inspired and ready to buy!  Everyone will be ready to run over to your table after an event so don’t miss this presentation on a fun new idea.