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So what is in the PSA Deep Dive, Intensive Mastermind, Regional Events…

We are inviting the top high 6 and 7 figure Speaker Friends to come to each of the Regional conferences and tell it like it “really” is!

Because… it is always about who you know and not what you know!

This won’t be fluffy cloud talk… this is about helping you get booked to speak, make money…

lots of money as a speaker and more importantly, how to really make an impact on this world to go out and change lives!

Can’t wait to see you there!!!  Yippee!”

Everyone who wants to walk out with

a speaking opportunity… WILL!

Such a fabulous group in Las Vegas in 2017!


We had a Blast in 2016!

Public-Speakers-Conference-Group-2015-2Few of our attendees from the 2015 Public Speakers Conference!

Few of the 2014 attendees of the Public Speakers Conference

Few of our attendees from the 2014 Public Speakers Conference!

From the 2017 Conference:


From the 2016 Conference:

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From the 2015 Conference:

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From the 2014 Conference:

Les Brown with Tonya and Michael Hofmann Angel Jones awards blast at the 2014 public speakers conference Dancing chatting networking hugs award to Tonya Hofmann from the Sistas in Business debbie and tonya emcees enjoying Gene Vasconi group having fun international collaborator of the year award with Patty Farmer winning Jill and Eric Judy Kathy Taylor katrina sawa kelly Ken Renner ladies Les Brown Marian LaSalle and Anne Miner Michael Hofmann Mike O'Neal National Collaborator of the Year with Norma Hollis winning Les Brown, Patty Farmer, Norma Hollis and Tonya Hofmann Constant Contact sponsor Jane Dueber and Tonya Hofmann


Toni Harris' Testimonial for the Public Speakers Conference  Kim Harris' testimonial forthe Public Speakers Conference  Tonya Hofmann's welcome message for the Public Speakers Conference