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Information on Attending the London 2019 Conference!

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If you could only attend one speaker’s event in 2019, how would you choose?

Will you look at the speaker list?



Who else is going?

All valid questions.  But when we sat down to curate our agenda for our Annual Public Speakers Conference for 2019, we only had one goal in mind… to deliver you the strategies and connections that will EXPONENTIALLY grow your speaking business… and your TOTAL Business!

How are we doing that?

  • We’re keeping the attendee list under 100, so you won’t feel lost in the sea of thousands of people trying to “network”. Instead, you’ll make lasting connections that make the difference in your business with not JUST the attendees but the speakers and conference event directors too!
  • We’ve invited results-oriented speakers that play the long game in business. You’ll immerse yourself in the high-level, big-picture vision and walk away knowing exactly how to get there.
  • We’ve curated not only the top speakers in the UK but also in the USA… but they aren’t just the top experts, they are also the nicest influencers you will ever meet. Build the relationships with the people that can truly take you to a whole new level.
  • BTW… EVERYONE walks out with speaking opportunities! From Radio/TV show appearances, Webinars, Facebook Lives, Summits, and Conferences!

Check out the fun we have had each year below.  Get ready for your cheeks to hurt from so much smiling and laughter!

So, if you’re only going to one speaking conference this year (and honestly, that’s all it “should” take)- you better make it this one.

Claim your Special Price Ticket to one of the few 100 spots to the Public Speakers Conference that you won’t want to miss.

Some of our past fun moments…

2018 Conference at the NewYorkNewYork in Las Vegas

2017 Conference at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas

2016 Conference in Palm Springs

2015 Conference in San Antonio

2014 and the 1st Annual PSA Conference in San Antonio